Photo Journey and Intrepid Camera Partnership

Posted September 23, 2019

Mark with founder of Intrepid Camera, Maxim Grew, at their workshop in Brighton

At Photo Journey we are constantly on the look out for new ways to share the photography experience with you, our guests – to expand your horizons and deepen your knowledge. That is why we are so excited to announce our partnership with the hipster innovators at Intrepid Camera.

Intrepid Camera is a great fit for Photo Journey.

In their workshop in Brighton they produce beautiful, large format cameras, hand crafted from materials that are sustainably sourced almost entirely from within the UK. Not only are their products beautiful but so too is their ethos.

One of Intrepid’s select team hand making components for their Large Format cameras

Their success as a business is derived from a sincere care for the environment, their staff, their craft and their community, not at the expense of these things.

At a time when a wet-film revival is gaining momentum it is great to be on board with these guys!

That said, it’s about a lot more than being hip and jumping on a trendy bandwagon.

There is a huge amount to learn from going back to the old ways where a greater responsibility for the craft of photography lies with the operator and less is done for us by the brain of the modern camera.

So what does the vision look like for the partnership and how does this translate to your experience as a Photo Journey guest?

It means that we will be travelling to Nepal with one of Intrepid’s 4×5” Large Format cameras and that you will have the chance to learn the craft of photography in a form that would have been more recognisable to the great Ansel Adams.

It means you will truly take control of the creative process, getting hands on with a truly manual photography process and in so doing, developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the photographic craft.

Not only this but you will have the opportunity to create and shoot a himalayan landscape composition, the outcome of which you will not see until we have it developed post-tour and send it to you in the mail. Delayed gratification in spades! And a characteristic of this format that we really love. It is suspense and anticipation.

In a world increasingly inclined towards the instant gratification typified by digital photography and instant sharing, in a world where the camera does so much of the work for you, we offer up the challenge of going slow, working hard at it and finding something unique and truly special.


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