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Photo Journey Knoydart begins and ends at Mallaig. This is accessible by rail and road. We advise booking rail tickets early in order to get the best prices.

Consider car sharing and contact us if you’d like to be put in touch with others who are considering likewise.

The car park next to the ferry terminal is free.

We will meet you at Mallaig (‘No Later Than’ time to be confirmed). From Mallaig all further travel is organised by Photo Journey.

Travel by boat will be a feature of the week and will allow fantastic access to remote locations.

You will be dropped back at Mallaig on Sunday in time to access rail links that put you in London that same evening, for example.


We will be staying in wooden cabins set among deciduous woodland that runs down to the shore of Loch Nevis. There are six twin rooms and one room of four, accommodating a maximum of 16 guests. They are comfortable and basic, akin to a Nepali teahouse. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag. There is scope to pitch a tent if you prefer splendid isolation.

Toilets, bathrooms, showers and drying room are in an independent block.

Jock’s Lodge provides a communal space and will serve as bar, dining area, lecture theatre and general hang out.

We are remote – five star hotels are yet to reach such beautiful, wild locations – but we have all we need to make sure you are warm, dry, comfortable, well-looked after and wed-fed. Speaking of which …

Food and Drink

Feeding you well is an essential element of our hosting ethos and to this end we will be employing excellent chefs. You will enjoy sustainably sourced local food with something for everyone: seafood, game and vegetarian.

We are also arranging a whisky tasting session with a local distillery, and there will be a well stocked cash bar in Jock’s Lodge

Outdoor Clothing

Knoydart in April can deliver a wide range of weather conditions and air temperatures. In other words, if ill equipped, it is possible to be too hot and too cold, all within a short space of time. We will spend much of our time outside, exposed to the weather so it is important to bring the correct clothing. See our advisory Kit List

Photography Gear

Bring what you are comfortable with. There is room for the full spectrum – pro lenses to camera phones. We are always happy to chat this kind of thing through so please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

As we return each day to the same location you can chose what to bring from one day to the next and leave the rest at ‘basecamp’.

Carriage of Kit

Keep in mind that we are operating in a remote environment with the potential for relatively extreme weather. So for day trips you will not only need your camera but also appropriate clothing as well as water and food. As a guide, a 15-30 litre rucksack is appropriate.

Power Supply, Batteries and Chargers

Power is a scarce resource in such a remote location. A supply is available from the local hydro scheme but is not inexhaustible. We therefore advise being as energy independent as possible. Bring good battery packs and a solar charger if you have one.

You may wish to upload and edit images while you are with us, and as laptops draw a greater charging current than most other devices, where possible we will prioritise the hydro power for laptop charging.


There is phone signal at Ardintigh but no wifi.

Still Not Sure?

If you would like further information or to run something by us, please drop us a line or give us a call.

07979 490699 for Johnny

07846 861102 for Mark