Frequently Asked Questions

Once you arrive in Mallaig, everything undertaken on this Photo Journey course is included: accommodation, meals and travel, all course activities and instruction. You will be very well looked after. Exceptions are our cash bar and expenditure on our visits to The Old Forge, Britain’s most remote pub!

Absolutely not. At Photo Journey we are extremely keen that you feel as confident as possible when you book with us. If it is clear from Government advice or restrictions that your Photo Journey adventure is not possible, you will be refunded your deposit and any monies paid towards the balance. Almost uniquely, we also offer a fully exchangeable deposit that will allow you to switch your deposit to any other holiday with us at any time, provided it is at least 6 weeks before the holiday takes place, when the final balance is required. There are very few companies offering this level of protection; but we know how important it is at this time to offer you assurance. Don’t forget your money is also protected through our membership of ABTOT.

The will be a maximum of 16 Photo Journey guests.

We maintain a 1:8 instructor:guest ratio as an absolute minimum. It is often 1:4.

You will be able to spend time with all of our talented instructors and guides.

Every level of photographer is welcome. The experience is designed to meet the expectations of a broad photographic church. We have experience catering for complete beginners right through to professionals. Everyone has a place here.

We are looking at offering pre-course coaching for anyone who wants to improve their skills ahead of time. Please enquire to find out more.


As with the photography levels, the workshop is designed to cater for every fitness level. You will have the option of choosing either mountainous or more gentle activities, and that is entirely up to you.  If at any stage while you are with us you want to be more or less adventurous, let us know and we will do everything to accommodate that.

It is possible to come accompanied if there is space, and the partner would remain around the base-camp for the duration (which in itself is beautiful and enchanting, with wonderful walks and wildlife).  However, we would expect them to pay full price.  They would be welcome to join in any of the base camp activities, from lectures to whisky tasting!  Please call Johnny on 07979 490 699 for more details.

We can certainly advise. Getting to Mallaig is reasonably obvious and simple; you just need to be there in time to be collected by our boat to get to the base-camp location. If you have any concerns or questions, we would be delighted to help you solve them – we know the place pretty well. We want this to be as smooth a journey as possible, but without limiting your ability to be flexible.

In many respects, all you really need is a camera with ability to recharge, and enough memory to hold the images. Even if it’s just an iPhone, we can guide you all the way to better photography. For those looking for help with their bigger camera systems, we will email a recommended kit list to all participants well in advance of the departure date.  Because of our remote location, there isn’t an unending source of power to re-charge your batteries or laptops etc.  Therefore please see our advised kit list on recommendations for bringing charging equipment.

Scotland is beautiful, romantic and dramatic.  It can also be changeable with weather conditions, and Ardintigh, where we are staying, is one of the most remote locations on  mainland of Britain. Mark has written a recommended kit list that you can download on the Advice Page.

There are so many places to see in Scotland that it would be impossible to list them here. We know the area well, so please get in touch through this site or via telephone or email and we would be delighted to talk through the possibilities with you.