Sustainability and Social Responsibility

For us the beauty of Knoydart is amplified by its accessibility to our predominantly UK-based tribe.

Ever since we first travelled there in 2014 and were blown away by it, we have been looking for a way to shout this message from the rooftops:

“This is amazing. It is wild. It is remote. It is beautiful. It is right here in the UK!”

We are excited to bring you an experience that hits all the high notes and achieves that without a high carbon footprint; an option that takes you to a different world while remaining less expensive – both financially and environmentally – and more reliable, than intercontinental airfares and travel. (It is also far more Covid-resilient!)

In Knoydart you will scarcely believe that you have travelled such a relatively short distance and are yet feel as though you have shifted into a completely different world.

The train is a brilliant way to travel and we explain exactly why in both the Knoydart and Advice sections of the website.

If that doesn’t work for you, how about a car share? (of note, the car park at Mallaig is free)

And what about making your adventure with us part of a longer trip? Knoydart is not the only spellbinding gem in the Highland crown!

As well as travel, our food choices are also important. That’s why we’ll be feeding you delicious local and sustainably sourced foods, with vegetarian, game and seafood options.

In terms of energy consumption, our footprint will also be low. We will be staying at an off-grid site where energy is produced by a small-scale local hydro project. This will mean being mindful of what we consume; avoiding excessive individual consumption so that there is enough to go round (more on energy in Advice)

By choosing Knoydart and using local businesses we will also be supporting the Knoydart community, a foundation whose aim is to “manage the Knoydart Estate as an area of employment and settlement on the Knoydart Peninsula without detriment to its natural beauty and character and to seek and encourage the preservation of its landscape, wildlife, natural resources, culture and rural heritage.”

In essence, we will facilitate an amazing photography experience but not at any cost. Consideration and care for the natural environment that sustains and delights us is a principle at Photo Journey and thus present in every decision we make.

We believe it’s time to have the courage to do things differently, to shift away from Business as Usual and to be creative and thoughtful in minimising the negative impacts of our business whilst maximising the positives.

When you join a Photo Journey therefore, you have the opportunity to become part of a growing community of change makers.

So, whether you ultimately join us or not, please tread lightly and go well.