Serving You

Photo Journey is steered by Johnny and Mark but it is not about Johnny and Mark: it is about the people they draw together, the team they build around them and the way they adopt the guest culture, learned in Nepal, and infuse it in everything they do.

The Photo Journey Team will guide and facilitate both your learning and your experience. We are not interested in being the sage on stage, showing off about what we've done and what we know. We use our experience only as a vehicle to your learning and development.

Experience shows us that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care, so a people-first approach not only comes naturally to us but makes perfect sense.

Indeed, this ethos is front and centre each time we pull together a Photo Journey Team: whilst our team members must be highly capable in their field, with an ability to transmit their knowledge to our guests, the first priority is that they share our ethos, being first and foremost decent, caring people, for whom being attentive to our guests is a natural priority.

Johnny Fenn

Johnny invites you to share the benefits of his considerable experience and success in commercial photography. With his focus on lighting and portraiture, Johnny allows you to take a deep dive on that front, whether you are starting from scratch or developing on what you already know.

Johnny is a man of wide-ranging travel and life experience; buoyant in the company of others, passionate about his photographic craft and driven to share it.

His experience in Scotland has taken many forms. He has photographed for the Mount Stuart estate on the Isle of Bute for the last 4 years, and for our friends at adventure race company, IGO ( around the shores of Loch Lomond. Most recently, he discovered the joy of camper van touring in the Outer Hebrides, sharing the experience with his wife, Blou, and their terrier, Bish.

Mark Brightwell

Mark's aim is to facilitate your success in scaling both physical and metaphorical peaks.

It is his own experiences that allow him to do this: the hundreds of days spent roaming the highlands and islands, camera in hand, accessing some of the UK’s most austere and remote environments; all part of his journey to becoming a Scottish Winter Mountain Leader and an accomplished photographer.

He will help you progress not only as a photographer but as a mountaineer and adventurer, perhaps achieving things you thought were beyond you (to which those who joined him on the Mardi Himal trek in Nepal can testify).