Booking Terms

By making a booking with PhotoJourney you accept the Terms and Conditions outlined below, and the form should be signed to complete the booking.

Throughout these Terms and Conditions, please note that “our” or “ourselves”, “we”, “us”, “PJ” means photo Journey. “Your” or “you”, means the client making the booking.


a.  A non-refundable deposit of £300 (Europe PJ) or £400 (Worldwide PJ) (the “Deposit”) is a requirement to guarantee a place on a specific workshop holiday.

b.  In conjunction with the deposit, a completed application form accepting the Terms and Conditions is also required at this stage to complete the acceptance process by us.

c.  No information supplied by you will be disclosed to any other third party, not involved with the workshop holidays, by us at any stage unless required by law to do so.

d.  Upon receipt by us of the requirements at 1a and 1b above, a binding contract between us and you will exist.


a.  The full cost of the holiday less the Deposit (the “Balance”) is due no less than 6 weeks prior to departure.

b.  If the Balance is not received on time, we reserve the right to cancel the booking at this stage.

c.  Any bookings taken within 6 weeks of the departure date will require the full amount to be paid at the time of the booking.

d.  Any guest accompanying the photographer but not taking part in the photographic elements of the workshop (where applicable) is also bound by these Terms and Conditions and will also be expected to pay the reduced amount on the same timescales as those listed for the client.


Following the booking, full contact details, declaration of fitness, and proof of insurance will be required. This will include passport details (if foreign travel is required), emergency contact, and your proposed or booked travel details for international flights, when appropriate. This information will also be required by the hotel or other accommodation providers.


We guarantee that the price will not change once your booking has been accepted by us.


a.  If, for whatever reason, you wish to cancel your workshop holiday with us, you must inform us in writing as soon as possible. If the cancellation happens at 6 weeks or less of the departure date, then all monies paid will be retained by us. If the cancellation is made more than 6 weeks prior to the departure date, then only the Deposit will be retained by us.

b.  If, for whatever reason, you wish to postpone or alter the destination for your workshop holiday with us, all monies paid will be transferred to the new booking, unless the postponement or location change is notified to us at 6 weeks or less from departure; in which case the Initial Deposit will be retained by us, and a new deposit will be required to secure the new booking.

c.  In the unlikely event that we have to cancel your holiday, we will inform you in writing as soon as possible. You will have a choice to either withdraw from the booking or change the date to another workshop holiday as advised by us. In the instance we have to cancel your booking at any point, all monies received, including the Deposit, will be repaid to you. International flights are your responsibility and do not form part of any agreement between you and us. As in any holiday of this type, it is important that your flights are adequately insured by you.

d.  FORCE MAJEURE. If the workshop holiday is cancelled by us for any events outside our control (including but without limitation: war, threat of war or conflict, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activity, strike, crime, pandemic or an event described by the legal term Act of God (such as hurricane, flooding, earthquake, etc) more than 6 weeks prior to the departure date, then all monies paid, other than the deposit will be returned. If the holiday is cancelled within 6 weeks prior to the departure date then all monies paid shall be retained by us.


a.  A condition of the contract between you and us is that you have sufficient and appropriate insurance to cover you for the duration of your workshop holiday with us. Failure by you to obtain sufficient and appropriate insurance for the duration of the holiday entitles us to terminate our contract with you with immediate effect. The insurance must cover:

1)  Any loss of or damage to your personal clothing, equipment, effects or money and camera equipment.

2)  Any loss, damages and expenses arising from the cancellation of the workshop holiday with us as a result of the circumstances described in Para 5 above.

3)  Personal accident, injury, medical and repatriation costs that occurs as a result of attending a workshop holiday with us.

b.  You are strongly recommended to ensure that your insurance cover is in place as soon as you book your workshop holiday with us.


a.  A valid passport is essential for all of our workshop holidays where international travel is involved. Each passport must have sufficient validity remaining.

b.  You are responsible for ensuring you have the correct visa and health certificates for your particular workshop holiday, and that you comply with the laws, rules, regulations and requirements governing each country to be visited.

c.  We shall not be liable for consequences to any client should they not have the requirements in 7a and 7b above in place.


a.  The workshop holiday will be provided as described in the brochures or on the photoJourney website. However, we reserve the right to change or amend the programme should situations require it.

b.  If at any stage the workshop cannot be conducted in line with the main aims of the workshop, we shall provide alternative arrangements, at no cost to you.


You must communicate any complaint about our operation and provision of workshop holiday as soon as you can; preferably at the time of the perceived problem to the instructors on the ground who will do their very best to ensure that the complaint is dealt with to provide a satisfactory outcome. Should this not be possible, then complaints must be received in writing within 14 days of the completion of the workshop holiday.


a.  The locations we visit and the activities we undertake may be in environments that are alien to you. In the interests of safety, you are required to undertake all activities responsibly and with due regard for the requirements as briefed by the instructors, or hotel/ accommodation staff. By signing these Terms and Conditions, you also indemnify us from all claims, liabilities (including any claims by a third party arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and/or the provision of the holiday workshop), loss and/or damage arising from any act of default on your part however caused.

b.  You must also inform us before departure if you have any known medical condition, allergy or other concern that might affect your ability to complete the workshop holiday, or require treatment in country. By signing these Terms and Conditions you are confirming that you are medically fit to undertake the workshop holiday that we provide.

c.  We are not responsible for any penalty or fine you incur for any reason including any penalty or fine that results from failure to comply with our instructions in country.

d.  Through payment of the deposit and by signing these Terms and Conditions you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

e.  Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limit any liability which cannot be limited, including but not limited to liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

f.  Subject to paragraph 10e above, in no event shall Photo Journey or any of its representatives be liable to you or any third parties for consequential, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or enhanced damages or loss, including all loss of profits arising out of or relating to and/or in connection with any breach of these Terms and Conditions regardless of whether such damages were foreseeable.

g.  Without prejudice to paragraph 10e above, our liability to you for any loss, damage or claim shall be capped at the total cost of the holiday per person.


a.  These Terms and Conditions and any dispute or claims arising out of or in connection with their subject matter or formation (including any non-contractual obligations, disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

b.  Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or its subject matter or formation (including any non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be resolved exclusively by the courts of England and Wales.


The Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Limited (ABTOT) provides financial protection under The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 for Photo Journey Ltd, Membership Number 5432 and in the event of their insolvency, protection is provided for the following:

  1. non-flight packages commencing and returning in the UK and
  2. flight inclusive packages that commence outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), which are sold to customers outside of the EEA.

ABTOT FFI cover is a per passenger insurance policy and provides for a refund in the event you have not yet travelled or repatriation if you are abroad.  Please note that bookings made outside the EEA are only protected by ABTOT when purchased directly with Photo Journey Ltd.

In the unlikely event that you require assistance whilst abroad due to our financial failure, please call ABTOT’s 24/7 helpline on 01702 811397 and advise you are a customer of an ABTOT protected travel company.

You can access The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 here:

The FFI policy is provided by Travel & General Insurance Services Limited (t&g), registered number 02527363 and underwritten by Hiscox Insurance Company Limited (Hiscox), registered number 00070234. t&g and Hiscox are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (number 113849).